The WTW Nitrogen Risk Insurance program has been developed specifically for Queensland’s sugarcane farmers to provide peace of mind by covering the risk of yield shortfall from reducing Nitrogen rates. Optimising nitrogen application at times of high fertiliser costs is an important business consideration for farmers.

The Nitrogen Risk Insurance program is available in 2023 to sugarcane farmers for ratoon crops in specified sugarcane growing regions from Northern Cairns to Southern Tully, Herbert and Mackay.  Farmers can insure one, some, or all their blocks providing complete control over the buying decision.  The program covers ratoon crops harvested from June to December.  Purchases must be made by the last day of the month before the crop is harvested with cover commencing on the 15th day of the following month.

The Indicative Quote Tool is designed to help farmers pinpoint their crop region and soil type accurately and provide an indication of cost for Nitrogen cover.  Click on the picture above to launch the tool or click here for a short video on how to use the tool.  When you are ready to purchase cover click on the Products Tab above and click Get a Quote.

Unlike traditional crop insurance policies where claims are usually assessed and adjusted based on the physical impact of weather events and their impact on yield, Nitrogen Risk Insurance claim payments are triggered by weather measurements affecting crop production, including rainfall, maximum temperature, minimum temperature and solar radiation. The effect of these on the crop’s Nitrogen needs are simulated by CSIRO’s world class crop modelling capability whilst considering the soil type of your insured fields. Early, mid and late season crops are also differentiated to reflect the different Nitrogen requirements of each of these crops. This means that if a farmer’s yield is lower than it could have been with higher Nitrogen rates, the claims are settled without the farmer lodging a claim.  Importantly, confidence is underpinned by CSIRO’s world-leading science, incorporating over 20 years of understanding the agronomic aspects of sugarcane production including soil, agronomy, and climate data.  CSIRO will also play a role in updating program data to ensure payout assessments remain relevant.

This unique Nitrogen Risk Insurance program provides sugarcane farmers with an additional means of optimising Nitrogen fertiliser application rates to suit their farming objectives whilst also ensuring that profits will be maintained at lower levels of Nitrogen.